About Behonest

About Behonest

It seems simple doesnt it, to get a straight answer. But when did you last get a truthful answer to a question, let alone to one that was important to you. Basically most people don't want to take the risk of giving you an answer you may not like. BeHonest solves this problem. This simple tool lets you get objective answers to any question that is on your mind.


Simple & Quick

BeHonest is easy to use. In just 3 steps you've send your friends a question. Answering your question takes even less effort.

Objective & Structured

BeHonest lets you chose from several answertypes and gives you the ability to tailor your questions. You get the most honest answer you will get.

Safe & Private

Behonest gives you total control. You can control the group of people you want to ask things. Answering can be done anonymously.

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